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I like penguins, ukuleles, the colour purple, food, blue eyes, snow, and free healthcare. Not a big fan of pocket lint. Doctor Who, Sherlock, SNK, ATLA/LoK, HIMYM, Community, The Office, Parks & Rec, and OUAT are great shows. Disney & Harry Potter fan for life.


Matt with a fan at Fan Expo Canada.

this is glorious matt smith fan expo
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lol she was in line for 10 minutes

Oh my God

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That’s fucked up. That’s real fucked up. That’s some ice spider shit and I do not approve.

That is the sickest shit ever

i just imagined a tiny little ice-spider on the mirror singing ‘let it go’ as he builds his little icy webby fortress.

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Pro-bending in The Legend of Korra Video Game coming October 21st / 22nd


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At the Matt Smith Q&A today

Audience member: - knock, knock

Matt: - who's there?

Audience member: - Doctor

Matt: - Doctor Who

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Matt Smith posing with fans at Fan Expo (August 29, 2014)

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